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We Need Accommodation Properties with Parking

If you can provide accommodation with holiday-duration parking, we want to list your property.

Benefits of working with us

We want to build a website listing all accommodation types located near airports that can provide parking.
List your property with us


Any Hotel property with on-site or off-site car parking facilities. Hotels must provide convenient transfers to parking and the airport.

all property types welcome

B & B's

If you can provide a bed along with car parking services all in one price, we want to hear from you. You must include all transfers in pricing.

homes and private accommodation

Homes with Parking

Similar to AirBnB, we can list your home-run accommodation. You must be able to provide parking to guests for the duration of their trip and have inclusive pricing.

Pricing Details

Our website, once built, will be completely free to list your property with Parking.

We want to be a success, we cant charge for a service that may not get any interest, so we charge on a per-booking rate. We take a 10% commission from every booking total. Simple.
If you get no bookings, you dont pay anything. The more successful you are, the more successful we are.

Hotels and other Accommodation

We are looking for any kind of holiday or temporary accommodation, from Hotels, Motels, Inn's, Pubs, B&B's, Caravans and any property type but only if you can provide car parking for the duration of the guest's stay. So if a guest arrives at your property and is away on holiday for 14 nights, you can accommodate their vehicle for that duration either securely on your property or nearby, possibly under partnership by a parking company. Transfers to and from the car parking location as well as transfers to and from the airport need to be built into your pricing.

How it works

We will list your property on our website (and our partner booking websites) for free. When someone looks for hotel near an airport near you, we will display your hotel and availability (if you have availability) along with prices. You will be required to maintain your properties availability of rooms as well as parking space availability. So if you have 10 car parking spaces, but all are taken already, your property will not show, even if you have room availability. This is because we are only a Hotel and Parking searching service. We will take a 10% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, this is our payment, the remaining balance will need to be billed by you on site at your property when they arrive. So if a booking is for £98 for a 1 night stay with parking, we will take the booking fee of £9.80. When they arrive, you will take the remaining £88.20 for your services (+ any expenses/food/drinks).

Your Responsibilities

You will be required to update and maintain the property calendar via the backend admin area for your property. This includes accommodation and parking spaces on your site or with parking partners. Along with providing clean and comfortable hotel rooms, the parking of the vehicle must be in a secure or monitored and safe area. As flight arrivals can be any time of the day or night, you must not put customers or guests in a risky or dangerous area. Shuttling must be included in prices. So you must provide a way for a guest to get back to your accommodation from the car parking area (if off site) and you must also provide a way for all of the guests to get to the airport at the time they request. All these variables (accommodation, transfers, parking) must be included in your pricing at the time of booking and should not be amended or changed later on at your property. The amount listed on the booking confirmation is the maximum they should pay (not including food, drinks or additional services).

Our Responsibilities

We will list your property on our website. We will control listing placements this could be based on many variables including availability, customer feedback, customer experience, secret shopper experiences, property size, pricing, backend admin management access times and frequency and many other variables not listed here. We will take the 10% booking fee, this is our commission for listing your property and maintaining the website. We will not ask for any other payments for bookings from you, unless we discover additional charging has taken place, circumnavigating our website payment system. All bookings borne from this website will be due to us. We will maintain a fair and trustworthy customer experience section. We will also send secret shoppers to test the integrity of your services.

Terms and Conditions

At the moment our website is being constructed, we are looking for properties that would like to list their services with us. Any breach of the above rules and other rules not yet published could lead to your property being banned for life from our website along with our sister sites.